Our nation ranks 24th in science literacy.
In Santa Cruz County, ~60% of students lack access to a school science fair!.

The Independent Qualifier Science Fair team is working really hard to give all Santa Cruz County students the chance to explore and share their scientific interest, and to compete locally and regionally.

But we need help from our community — you — to make this event successful.

Here's how you and your organization can help:

Donate a Special Science Award to the Fair:

Offer an award related to your organization's focus (e.g. environment, biotech, computer science, government, transportation, community, education, product research, etc.)

A $250 award suite might include 2-$25 elementary-level awards, 2-$50 middle-school awards, and 1-$100 high-school award - however prize levels are at your discretion. Organizations may direct awards to specific age groups (e.g. elementary, middle or high school), or may prefer award categories of different sizes or nonmonetary awards.

Research/award partners are listed on our website to let students know about the opportunity to compete for your organization's award so early signup is important to help students who may want to compete for your award.

Please contact Ron Goodman at 831 272 4627 or iq@santacruzscience.org to craft your special award.

Be a business/organizational sponsor:

Help us make the event possible by covering costs*.

$150 - Opportunity Creator, website sponsor logo with link to your organization
$250 - Lab Sponsor, includes mention at awards & "Opportunity Creator" perks
$500 - University Sponsor, includes logo on T-shirt & "Lab Sponsor" perks

Be an individual donor:

Show your support for this community event by helping cover the costs*.

$40 - citizen scientist
$100 - honorary PhD, includes invitation to award ceremony
$200 - Nobel laureate, invitation to award ceremony and private tour of projects

Be a science fair judge. If you have a science background and like encouraging kids - click here to sign up!

 Our mission statement:
The Independent Qualifier Fair's mission is to expand access to science education and participation in science fairs for all Santa Cruz County students, especially those that have traditionally had limited access to science education opportunities.

*Where does my money go? Donations cover costs for event supplies/rentals, outreach, insurance, fair materials, transportation, t-shirts/gift bags for participants, project awards, subsidized supplies for science projects, etc. We may provide small stipends to older students who mentor younger students, but our event director is a volunteer!

Donations by check should be made to the Santa Cruz Children's Museum of Discovery, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.